Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Middle Finger.

In one of my posts for the New York Times, I wrote..."I looked around for a while, checked out the other parties, gave the middle finger to a candidate, voted, and finally got out of the booth."

A few concerned Americans have wrote comments that the act of me giving the middle finger was inappropriate, and it was a sign that I was angry, etc.

First of all, thank you for making my night even more enjoyable. You have given me something to laugh about. I wasn’t angry when I voted, I was excited. I was so excited, that my middle finger magically popped up and told someone to fuck off. Get over it. If you are honestly offended by this, I beg you to never leave your home…it’s an awful world out there. People might actually give you the middle finger.

I’m not completely sure why this was taken so seriously. I guess that’s what we do, make something out of nothing. And if I knew people would get so upset over it, I would’ve raised both my middle fingers.

If you think about it…whoever you vote for, you are basically giving the middle finger to the other candidate, right?

Well, I guess we all told someone to fuck off tonight.


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