Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In-between classes on Wednesdays, I go to the book store. I try to buy at least one book...I've recently been on a Hunter S. Thompson kick (last week I bought, The Great Shark Hunt Vol. 1). Today I picked up "A Man Without a Country," by Kurt Vonnegut. I feel like I'm hanging out with my grandfather when I'm reading this...he's teaching me everything I need to know about life. He's hilarious and straight forward. Check it out.

Every week I run into the same two books. First is, “Generation Kill,” by Evan Wright. I enjoy staring at the cover like a creep. I am secretly in lust with the soldier on the left holding the flag. Then I see, “Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America," by Chuck Norris. This automatically makes me go from daydreaming about soldier boy to wanting to fight Norris. I don't know why I hate this book so much. It might be because Norris is on the cover in a karate outfit doing some wacko move. I want to throw the book out the window every time I pass it. I haven't read it, so I'm judging a book by its cover. If you read it, tell me how it is.


Side note: I can't wait for this election to be over with.


Blogger lela said...

I'm also suffering from pre-election "sick-of-it-all" disease. We should start a help group for other sufferers.....

10/30/2008 08:02:00 AM  
Anonymous jerky jason said...

I take my son to Borders, and we often stop by the newer books on the way to the kid section. Everytime I walk that aisle, I see "Generation Kill" and I stare at the cover, though for much different reasons than you do. Sweaty, nasty nutsacks are not really a daydream of mine (neither are clean ones).

Mostly, I think... "why has it taken me so long to write the kind of stuff I have written? Why have I suppressed it for so long? Why have I not done the same?


Probably the thing I kick myself most for is not having a "blogger" blog. My Livejournal was viewed by 3 people...

Do you actually read that one book a week? (Cuz, I'd love to be able to do so...)

10/31/2008 01:44:00 AM  
Blogger olgreydog7 said...

I would expect nothing less than cheese from Chuck. Maybe he has some good points in the book, but that cover is cheesy. At least he's not acting in the book, so maybe it will be good.

10/31/2008 03:28:00 PM  
Blogger Akinoluna - a female Marine said...

That looks like a lame attempt to cash in on Chucky's popularity among military members. Remember all those goofy "Chuck Norris doesn't sleep...Chuck Norris doesn't cry..." lines?

11/02/2008 06:03:00 PM  

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