Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom and Daughter Join the Army Together.

Carolyn Schapper, sent me this email this morning. It's an article that appeared in the SFGate. A daughter joined the Army and her mother decided to join also...awwww. However, the quotes are the best part. For example:

"I'm a mom," she said. "This will give me a chance to protect her and keep an eye on her."

"More than anything, Altoon (the mother) was worried that her daughter would end up in a place like Iraq. But Schlotthauer (the daughter) and Dean (the recruiter) convinced her that, as a reservist and computer information technology expert, there was little chance that her daughter would be deployed to a war zone. Not that it's never happened, Dean said, but the odds are very much against it."

If people honestly believe this...they are fucking idiots. I’ll send both of them a care package.

"Schlotthauer says she gets grief at school, too. Some wonder why a cheerleader would join the Army, or say that only ugly girls join the military."

A lof of ugly girls are in the military...and a lot of ugly guys too. What the hell does it matter?

The recruiter said (Dean)..."It's a real stereotype that the Army is a choice of last resort," she said. "We want them educated. That's why we're sending them to school. And you can pick jobs other than a mechanic or working in the dirt. "You can still be feminine and cute and wear makeup, get your nails done," she said.

This article had me cracking up. Don't worry little ladies you aint gotta be ugly, roll around in the dirt, and fix them cars...and your mommy can come along too! Give me a break. I will admit my toe nails are always a shade of red.

Read the article here.


Blogger olgreydog7 said...

Ha! NOTHING in the Army uses computers, right....That's another example of good recruiting. Granted, it's not like she's EOD or something, but who does she think set up all the computer stuff in theater? Kinda reminds me of In the Army Now. That crappy Pauly Shore movie. How they thought having a water purification MOS would keep them out of combat.

10/24/2008 04:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs, all around.

10/28/2008 07:59:00 AM  
Blogger Army Sergeant said...

If I had a dollar for every recruit that was promised they probably wouldn't have to go to Iraq, I could retire.

God. I'm not even going to read the article, because just reading your quotes makes me want to bash my head against the wall.

11/16/2008 05:04:00 PM  

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