Saturday, October 11, 2008

boring night.

I've been studying for an evil test for the past two days and I will continue to study all night. I'm almost done with school. I'd say probably another year. What's more exciting is that I'll be out of the Army in 14 months...which in Reserve time is about 42 days! Once I'm done with school and out of the Army I'll be leaving Albany. Maybe I'll go to DC, the city, or maybe LA (not a huge fan of LA but I do have a lot of friends there and it could be interesting)...I have no idea yet. Let me visit so I can decide where I want to move.

I worked today. I hate going into work. I should just quit this job. There is this lady who drives me insane. She is so loud, takes up enough room for two people...and when I'm in a sad mood I'll sit next to her just so I become completely irate. It works...I forget about being sad and becoming extremely annoyed. Try it.

Documentary news...You'll have to wait for that. Don't worry you'll find out soon. It's going to be insane. Maybe we are just insane.

Oh, and maybe some of you will be pleased to know I kind of have an editor now. Jason, I hope this makes you happy. However, he will not being editing this and I'm allowed to use my ...! He said it's "trendy."

Read: The article about McCain in Rolling Stone. It's long and scary but worth it.

Read: Western Journalists in Iraq Stage Pullback of Their Own. Coverage of the war is slowly disappearing.

Listen to: Johnny Cash!


Anonymous Jason is mean said...

I don't remember mentioning anything concerning those, whatever they're called... in fact, I use them often...

.... and like this too. Though, I don't remember if it's supposed to be three dots or four when used in this manner.

Honestly, I think your writing is terrific.

In southern California, it has been between 60 - 80 this month. Today was windy, but otherwise, the weather is incredible. I suggest a visit through LA, but not TO LA...

10/13/2008 11:56:00 PM  
Blogger olgreydog7 said...

The article about McCain is only scary in how many people will believe every word of it. The writer does not know what really happens in the military or at a service academy for that matter. While it would be great if everyone in uniform did everything for the most ethical reason, we both know that it's not true don't we? That article is nothing more than slander and most of the accusations are not backed up with any facts. It is really easy to say, he only got there cause of his name. As for the Forrestal stuff, as someone who HAS lead a fireteam fighting a shipboard fire, people who don't know what the hell to do, like pilots, just get in the way. That's why that other guy was awarded. It wasn't his job, but he did it anyway. While I think the press should scrutinize our leaders, this is far beyond that. This is slander.

10/14/2008 04:18:00 PM  

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