Friday, October 03, 2008

Drill Weekend, the Debate...

I have drill this weekend...which actually starts tonight for no good reason at all. We were suppose to go to Ft. Drum but someone did not do the proper paperwork for us to get funding. Brilliant. We went last month...four days there, it was hell. However, I did learn that I shoot the 9mm with my right hand while using my left eye. This takes skill considering, I shoot the M16 with my left hand (and my left eye)...but I am right handed in the "real world." Confused? So am I. I shoot completely ass backwards but at least I'm an okay shot. So who knows what we will be doing this month...probably nothing. There will be drama, talks of deploying to Iraq, harassing this one bible thumping Soldier (who I love talking to about Jesus), Soldiers sleeping in the bathroom because they are hung know, the normal Army bullshit.

Who watched the debate last night?! I did. Biden let me down...only because I felt he held back a little. Palin? Energy, maverick...maverick, energy...Hello, third grade class! Extra credit! I think she should make up a new word...Mavergy. The only two things she seems to speak of in one word…it’ll make her life even easier. The best part was Palin talking about Afghanistan…. Who’s McClellan? Say it aint so Sarah!! Did ya mean McKiernan? Dog garnit, I think ya did. *wink wink*

Brandon Friedman writes about her oops! here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, check out the Different Drummer while you're up there. Re Sarah--I wrote her off re the "task from God" foolishness a loooooooooonnng while back. Still unsure re the winks. You know the irony? YOU could play her in a movie. Why not take a few drama courses? Just grow and sweep up your hair, you've got the bespectacled look, and you might be able to fill in for Tina Fey (roflmaco!!)!

10/03/2008 04:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have said "check out the Different Drummer WHEN you're up there..." sorry.

10/04/2008 11:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to talk about the debate while drilling this past weekend but most people I drill with have very strong Republican beliefs so I held back quite a bit talking about it.

I kind of wanted to vomit during the debate. Sarah Palin gives me anxiety attacks and I dont suffer from anxiety. Figure that one out.

The Mosca

10/07/2008 04:45:00 PM  
Blogger olgreydog7 said...

Come on Kate. You say yourself that you misuse to and too all the time. Those two names are similar and both in the news. Easy mistake. Did you miss that Biden mentioned the wrong Article of the Constitution that talks about the VP? I'm sure that was a simple mistake too, but that's not being blogged about at all.

10/14/2008 04:00:00 PM  

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