Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cry Baby

The Army has a way of making you feel like, “you signed up, deal with everything…don’t be a pussy and don’t let anyone see you down.” A lot of us just dealt with shit. We didn’t run around crying or stressing out…if anything was bothering us we’d just toss it to the side. I can honestly say I cried three times while I was in Iraq. One time, was when my mom told me my dad was in the hospital. The second time, was when I was suppose to start taking an ASVAB improvement class (that’s the test you initially take when you join the Army…I was trying to improve my GT score by 8 points). I was annoyed and I didn’t feel like going, so I walked into SPC S office and cried. As I was crying we were both laughing hysterically. The third time was the worse…I watched the Notebook. That movie fucked me up. Angulo told me to watch it…and she warned me…she said, “Katie you’ll be crying the whole time“. I didn’t believe her but just incase I watched it while G had to pull night duty at her job. Within 10 minutes I was in tears and cried all the way through the movie. I couldn’t stop…I was still crying two hours after the damn thing ended. Don’t ever watch it.


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