Friday, August 18, 2006

Going, Going, Gone.

I can’t even count all the times G, SPC S, SPC A, and myself would fall…it was ridiculous. We had been in Iraq about three days when G, SPC D and I wanted to get midnight chow. We adventured into the unknown and ended up on the other side of camp. We ate and decided we didn’t want to walk all the way home. We saw a bus coming towards us… I decided to run and catch it. I ran with all my gear on…flack vest, helmet and weapon. I came to a circle in the middle of the road that’s used for planting trees and I saw a soda can. After all the training we received on how insurgents use soda cans to make IEDs, I automatically jumped over it and landed face first in a fucking tree hole. My helmet flew off, my weapon hit me in the back of the head and I had a mouth full of dirt. That fucking M16 hit me so hard that I blacked out and ended up having a huge bump on my head for a couple of weeks. G and SPC D ran up behind me and screamed, “Holy shit, you just flew like batman…are you okay?” all while laughing their asses off. They help me up and we get on the bus. The bus driver, who’s this little Filipino guy said…”Is that how you run from the enemy?”…as he put his arms out and laughed hysterically. We couldn’t stop laughing and ended up pissing our pants.
One night G was walking up the three little steps to our room and someone called her name…she turned around and somehow rolled her pinky toe and fell backwards and landed on her ass. She couldn’t get up and was convinced she needed a cast for her toe. It seriously looked like she did a Matrix move or something. You know how people say black people love fried chicken? Its true. G SPC S and I had just gotten food to go and we headed back to our room to eat. G goes in first, then SPC S and then me. SPC S tripped on the second step and bounced off the ground and flew into the room… the whole time holding her fried chicken in the air. Her face hit the floor but you better believe her chicken was safe. We would all twist our ankles and trip walking on the damn rocks that were everywhere to keep the sand down.


Blogger kansasslim said...

Im in California guys. Seen special on Discovery Channel about you all. Thats how I found you on this site. Had to write to tell you all, thanks for all the shit you endure keeping my ass free.

11/10/2007 02:35:00 PM  

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