Thursday, August 10, 2006

Peas In a Pod

Iraq was Iraq and time was time. A group of us grew really close. SGT A, SPC S, SPC G (my roommate) and I were basically inseparable. SGT A was Columbian, a holy roller who made me go to church once, she was a Praise Dancer, and one of the funniest people I had ever met. SPC S was Ghanaian, the mom to all of us and she kept shit real. She had a two year old daughter and a husband back home. I remember I use to argue with her all the time…she said she was African American but I didn’t believe her. If she was born in Ghana then she was Ghanaian…just because she had a dark complexion didn’t make her African American, to me at least. SPC G was just G. And I was the “sassy, white Jewish girl” …I guess being one of the only white girls with dark hair I must have been Jewish. I love those girls more then anything. They could call me up 20 years from now and tell me they just murdered someone and ask for my help…and I’d ask what our plan was. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.


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