Monday, August 07, 2006

It Smells Like Shit.

So, Kuwait smells horrible. I literally refused to breath for as long as possible and when I did breath I blew air out of my nose. After leaving the airport we ended up at Camp Virginia. Camp Virginia: no water, tons of tents and just miles of desert. We arrived there after not showering for 2 days…I have OCD when it comes to showering and I freaked out because there was no running water. My friends and I grab box’s of water and “showered”. I’ve never been so grateful for water in my whole life. For the next two weeks we continued training and got use to the heat. We met Japanese, Korean, Fiji and British Soldiers. The Japanese “special forces” are fucking crazy. Nice…but crazy. And I’m pretty sure Fiji sent over two Soldiers…we seriously saw the same two guys. By the end of the two weeks we found out our flight information…it only takes about 3 hours to get to Iraq.


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