Thursday, August 10, 2006

All Out War

One time G and I order four water guns and water balloons…we had a water fight one night with some of our guy friends. We were so corny…we made team shirts (we were the Cherry Poppers…don’t ask why) and had hiding spots. It was a lot of fun, until one girl got crazy and punched one of the guys in the face and threw rocks. I guess she was just pissed because instead of getting laid, her “buddy” was playing with water guns. When we fooled around and let our guards down we had so much fun…we forgot where we were for a little.
G and I also had a war going on with SPC D and R. Everyday for about a couple weeks, those guys would put shaving cream all over our door, hang tampons they had dipped in this pink protein shake from our light outside, throw rocks at our window in the middle of night…they were crazy. We got them good though. One time, we threw rocks at their window and when they walked outside to see who it was, we poured tons of water in their room. That was the last of that war, we had gotten water all over SPC D’s computer. One point for the girls.


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