Saturday, August 12, 2006


I had to cover another story at the hospital. This time some fancy General was there to hand out Purple Hearts to injured Soldiers.. To be honest I forget his name. He gave one to some girl who’s foot was injured when her convoy hit an IED. He asked what happened and she didn’t want to stop talking…he seemed interested for about the first couple minutes but then he tuned her out. Asshole. He didn‘t really care…he just wanted people to know he was there. That’s how a lot of Officers are…politicians. There are a few good ones but not many. While we were there the General wanted to see the Emergency Room. We were told two Soldiers that had just been attacked by insurgents had been flown in. They didn’t want all of us going through, but they let the General, one of his security guards and me go in. I was hesitant. I turned and looked at my editor, like should I be going in there? There was blood all over the floor and I couldn’t stop staring at the Soldiers. I probably had a shocked, about to cry look on my face…to me, those were my brothers…and I hated seeing them hurt. They were about to be operated on. One Soldier was conscious and the General asked him what happened…shook his hand and wished him luck. The General turned toward the camera…I was suppose to take a picture but I didn’t. Maybe I should’ve but it was hard.


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