Friday, August 18, 2006

Clean Water

I covered a grand opening of a water plant in a village that the Army had installed. Did you catch that? The military actually builds school, hospitals, installs water plants, and provides water and food to Iraqis. You might not know this because our shitty media fails to report anything positive the military does. This was the first time these Iraqis had clean water…they would drink from the Tigris, wash their close in the Tigris, piss and shit in the Tigris…so needless to say, they were pretty damn excited to have clean, running water. We went out with the Civil Affairs Unit again but this time I was stuck in a shitty humvee with a Sergeant. We usually go out in up-armored humvees and that’s not even that safe…but this time I got stuck in humvee that had NO roof, NO doors, NO windows…it was completely open. Well the doors were pieces of material that went half way up. All I could think was, fuck off I’m not going out there in this. The Sergeant tried to calm me down and said…”What? It’s my Batmobile. We’ll be fine.” Of course, the higher ups wouldn’t let me change my vehicle and I wasn’t about to not go…so I said, fuck it. If we die it’ll get out that the Army is sending people out in humvees made out of pieces of material. The whole way there I slouched in the seat and held my feet up…I didn’t want my head or my feet to get blown off. I don’t think it would’ve made a difference if we hit an IED, but it made me feel better. We made it there safely. The Iraqis made cake, gave out soda and cut a ribbon for the grand opening. The Iraqis told the Civil Affair guys that the people in his village were upset because the water had given them diarrhea and hurt their stomachs. You just can’t win, can you? Kids were everywhere and begging for cake. I didn’t want mine so I attempted to give it to them…bad idea. I was completely mobbed and ended up throwing the cake. There were two older women getting water and I tried to take their picture. They really weren’t having it. They yelled some shit at me in Arabic, so I left them alone. They came back and finally let me take their picture. I talked to them as best as I could. One of the Soldiers pulling security in a hummer told another Soldier on ground that a guy pulled up and was staring at us with binoculars. That wasn’t a good sign. We decided to leave but the women that were getting the water, grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Two other Soldiers had to get them off of me. We finally left and made it back in one piece.


Anonymous timmy said...

It's really amazing how little these simple good deeds get reported by the media. I just got through reading the upteenth post...

on a typical left-wing blog about how our military is stocked to the gills with raping, murdering, torturing, gang bangers...excepting, of course, the "real heroes" who are charged with desertion. (If you scan a months worth of posts you get the picture pretty quick.)

Anyway, I'm wondering how much exposure you had to people of the "progressive" mindset like the blogger I linked. And if you did, were they just blown off as kooks and assholes, or does their constant, negative hammering have any effect on the morale of the majority of good soldiers we have over there?

8/20/2006 03:04:00 AM  
Blogger Lois Lane said...


Ill check out stories in america later. haha im pretty sure that lady wouldnt like my blog.

we werent really exposed to any of that over there. of course we knew people were back home protesting and what not...but that didnt effect us. we didnt have time to worry about petty bullshit like that. everyone has an opinion...and once again, the majority of the people protesting, harassing Soldiers, etc. really dont know what they are talking about. they get most of their information from TV (we all know how reliable the media is) while they bitch and complain and live their day-to-day lives, U.S. Soldiers will still be overseas doing whatever they have to do to get home...those people don’t change anything. AND if they really wanted to help, they could send care packages...anything to help a Soldiers time go by faster.

8/20/2006 09:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Martin K said...

Hmmm, with all due respect, maam: I used to serve in the Norwegian section in Kosova, and I am not a crying fainthearted liberal, but the views you hold here of the opposition to the war is quite typical of the childishness of the american debate: "they get most of their information from TV " is just plain not true.

Since Ive seen you on Rangeragainstwars blog, I hope that you are nuancing your views some now that youre home..

12/09/2006 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger Lois Lane said...'re going to tell me that the majority of americans who are opposed to the war, don't get their information from tv? give me a break. i'd be amazed if someone actually took 10 minutes out of their day to do any research on the war.

i know there are educated people who oppose the war...who have done their research...who have served themselves, who have lost family members overseas, but i'm saying the AVERAGE american with their busy schedules and lifestyles...probably haven‘t. ask someone what they think about the war...chances are if they oppose it, they'll say...bush just wants oil...U.S. troops are killing everyone over there...and where did they get their information?! sure wasn't rangeragainstwars blog...OHH it was the NEWS! and if thats childish thinking, so be it.

My views changing? Heres my view, plan and simple: I support the soldiers.

12/09/2006 11:04:00 AM  

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