Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i apologize...

for not updating this blog. i'm sure everyone has lost interest and thats understandable. i still have entries that i have not posted...that i meant to post months ago...i still have a lot to say but sometimes i get tired of it all. let me try to explain...i just finished up my last semester at school, i was working at a news station from 330am to 930am...writing a shit ton of papers, studying for tests, and when i wasn't going to bed at 7pm, i was attempting to have a personal life...and when i wasn't sleeping, my face was stuck in some school book...well sometimes, i would go to a show and fuck around. now school is over...at least for the time being ...i work normal hours and im going to update this thing. i have another blog...its my personal/civilian blog...i just bullshit...there is some army talk on there...if you'd like to read it, be my guest.


Saturday, June 16, 2007