Thursday, January 11, 2007


President Bush: more troops and more money. so...

while i was at work today several people asked me what i thought about the Presidents new plan for Iraq...and that was usually followed up by, "are you scared you'll get sent over again?" to be honest, i dont know what i think. part of me is against a troop increase...mainly because thats another 21,500 GIs and Marines that will be away from their family and loved ones...another troop who could potenially be killed, lose an arm or a leg, and suffer for years after the war. of course, no one wishes this upon anyone.but i also realize that an increase in troops could make a difference...but is 21,500 even enough? let me be optimistic for a minute...lets say the increase of troops drives out a large number of insurgents and allows the Iraqi civilians to led a somewhat normal life. and lets say, the money we are pledging to Iraq on top of the 10 million Iraqs government is promising actually creates more schools, houses, jobs, etc. seems like a good deal, right? how long could this last though? i've heard from Iraqis themselves that a homeless man on the street will get offered 15 bucks to set off an IED or mortar round...and he'll do it because at the end of the day he can buy some food. so will it really ever end? is it worth it?i remember going from village to village seeing how the average Iraqi lived, seeing how every day they woke up wondering if they'd be attacked, i saw the hope in their eyes when they saw us. we built schools, hospitals, created the midst of hatred and bloodshed, believe it or not...we gave them something to look forward too and will continue to do so. but how long can you hold onto a dream when everything seems to be closing in on you?when President Bush deployed troops into Iraq under false pretensions, i believe he had no respect for human life. 160,000 plus troops lives were put on the line...3,018 lives have been lost. as it stands more U.S. troops will be killed, along with innocent Iraqis... so do we withdraw from Iraq and wish them luck? or do we show some respect, by sacrificing our lives for the iraqi civilians still fighting and praying for the day they aren't caught in a civil war?

truth is...i dont know.

"you can't have emotions and survive war."

Monday, January 01, 2007

check this out.

apparently this was recorded on a cell phone...