Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want Hillary back...

I'll admit it...I voted for Hillary and I want her back.

And according to Gallup Daily, McCain is ahead of Obama. I'm curious though, in these polls...who exactly are they polling? Enlighten me.

No bounce for Obama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trouble is, Kate, the revenge vote will go for McSame. We're fucked royally if McSame gets in, though I DO see it much like 1964--Johnson was the lesser of the two evils and he fucked us w/Vietnam, also based on a lie, a total waste all around the board. I'm not totally in love w/Obama, and especially not in love w/ radical Islam (then again, I hate the neocons and the Christian Right as well). But if the right-wing prevails, you might as well drink a "Reverend Jones". All we'll see is endless wars of empire, the bottom fall out of the economy, etc., etc. BTW, as an aside, if you haven't, already, check out Bill Cororan's CORKSPHERE blog. It's hip.

8/28/2008 09:43:00 PM  

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