Saturday, November 11, 2006

Used Up and Tossed Out.

With a couple months left in the deployment a new unit came into the Public Affairs office. They had about 13 people, so my services weren’t needed anymore. Bastards. I was sent over to the Headquarters section to work with the First Sergeant, a Captain, and a couple other Specialist and Sergeants. I didn’t want to go over there at all…it was a desk job. After a couple of weeks I got use to it. The 1SG and I became close. I would sing to him everyday and he would make jokes. He was awesome. He would always write on this dry erase board…it drove us all crazy! He would list a ton of tasks, how to do them, when they needed to be done and who had to do them. Maybe we hated it because it was actually a smart and organized idea…and if you’re in the Army, you know nothing is ever organized or seems like a smart idea. We were just working on getting home, getting all the awards together, figuring out flight information, and just trying to organize 125 Soldiers. We all started realizing this adventure was coming to an end.


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