Saturday, November 11, 2006


One night at about 4am we were all sleeping in our room and the alarm went off. We didn’t have to go into a bunker now because we were in a hard building. SGT A’s officer came in and told her that there was a huge attack on Iraqi civilians. SGT A had to go into the office and make badges for the Iraqis coming on post to go to the hospital. Later that day we heard insurgents attacked about 200 civilians and over 90 were dead and a ton were wounded. SGT A said that when she went to one of the entrance control points it looked like a scene from the TV show “Mash”. She said there were tons of lights, dead people were just dropped in front of the gate, people were carrying in injured people, people crying and screaming. She said it was the worse thing she’d ever seen. I called my mom and asked her if she’d heard anything about the attack and she said no. We all found that very surprising. I guess the only attacks that make it on the news are the ones that happen in Baghdad, Fallujah or Mosul.

I really wish I rolled out of bed and went with SGT A.


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