Saturday, November 11, 2006

Come Right In.

The new unit that was replacing us finally arrived in Iraq. I don’t think we had ever been that nice to people in our lives. We wanted the new unit to feel “at home” and learn what they had to learn so we could get the hell out of there. The new unit was from somewhere out West… we all felt like they were a little slow. We thought we were never going to leave on time…it took they a while to comprehend their jobs. One of the new Sergeants that was going to work in the Headquarters Section seriously had a screw loose…she would just doing random things and we looked at her like…what the fuck. Within a week she changed sections. Thank God, because that whole place would’ve been completely fucked. We all had to move out of our trailers and move into one building. All the lower enlisted females were in one room (about 13 of us). It was hell…some of them didn’t get along and it seriously felt like middle school bullshit. A couple of the girls put up a shower curtain to separate the room…that didn’t last long and we all got yelled at. One would think people would leave the bullshit at the door and just do what they had to do to get out of there but no. The lower enlisted males and females would get together and play C LO…people lost a lot of money. It was exciting to know this was all coming to an end but also really overwhelming.


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