Thursday, May 06, 2010

Stephanie and Michelle.

First and foremost, I am sorry for your loss. The reason I am posting blogs regarding Jesse’s death is because your loved ones story is being ignored by the media and the VA. I find it horrifying that a soldier can take his life on the steps of a VA hospital and be forgotten about within a weeks time. He is a causality of the war, the VA, and the negligent media.

You have both expressed different opinions regarding Jesse’s situation. Michelle, you are correct, I do not know Jesse’s past. Maybe he suffered from depression before his deployment…like you said, life isn’t black and white. However, when a soldier goes to war and comes back a different human being, whether that be mentally or physically, the VA has an obligation to do whatever it possibly can to assist that soldier in readjusting. I am not aware of the treatment Jesse received from the VA but I do have friends who have been/are currently being treated for PTSD. It might be possible that the way to go about treating soldiers isn’t with five different prescription medications that make them feel like walking zombies.

By posting clips I find regarding Jesse does not mean I am “believing every statement written.” My intention is to enlighten those about his situation and to hopefully get people talking about it. How many more soldiers need to take their lives before people start paying attention?

If you are unpleased with those speaking on Jesse’s behalf, I am pretty positive the media would hear your side of the story. I know I would love too. Jesse’s story should not go untold. I believe he chose to take his life on the steps of a VA hospital for a reason (and you may disagree) could be possible that he was tired of the treatment he was receiving, tired of feeling ignored, tired of feeling out of place in the civilian world, or tired of fighting the realities of war within himself…you lost a loved one and the military lost a good soldier. Michelle -- Stephanie has expressed wishing to get in contact with you. I hope you speak with one another and find some sort of peace. My heart goes out to Jesse and your family.


Blogger CI-Roller Dude said...

I think that in may cases, the US Military could do more to prevent troops from coming back from war and getting depressed etc, but better preparing them before they go.
We do all kinds of TUT (Totally Useless Training) like putting on MOPP suits, and other silly drills that we NEVER USED on either of my deployments...but they spend no time explaining to folks:"Hey, you're going to's going to suck really bad, but this is what you can do to be prepared..."

And...we need more good leaders who stop each day, evaluate their troops and see what they leaders wallowing in their own sorrow and pitty just taking care of themselves or seeing how many Artilce 15s they can give out no a deployment.

5/07/2010 10:37:00 AM  

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