Thursday, April 10, 2008


i have another three hours at work, so i figured i'd kill time.

the Wounded Warriors Event was a total success and hilarious. there were tons of people...bikers, vets (not that many younger vets...about 7...i counted and forced them to talk to me), a lot of middle aged women and drunk old men. everyone pretty much just got wasted, won door prizes, and danced. i made friends with a Wounded Warrior guy (forget his name)...he lost part of his left sweetheart. he's from southern new york and wants to help me organize an event. he also told me about a couple events that are coming up and i'm going to tag along with him. i was also introduced to an ambassador for the Wounded Warriors, told him i was vet and was interested in doing something/anything to help out and he gave me his card. i actually won a prize, of course i was in the bathroom when they called my name and my friend jess had to run in and get me...picked out a 1950s style jukebox alarm clock, kind of funny. my mom wanted to dance the whole time...i refused for hours but then jess and i danced with her. let me tell you about women over the age of 50...they aren't afraid to dance. these women were dropping to the floor, shaking their asses, they had tight shirts on, cleavage showing...they made jess and i look boring. the band was a lot of fun...they played classic rock. some photographer took a few pictures of my tattoos and wants to put them in a magazine. we stayed for about five hours and finally left. i found out they made 6,000 dollars which is really awesome. i have a few photos...will post them when i get a chance.

i know this is a little late but the military has identified Matt Maupin remains. i was happy to hear this, hopefully his family finally has a little peace in their lives. when i was at Anaconda, his family donated several computers to our library...which was pretty awesome.

i've been talking to a writer about a documentary on female Soldiers...see what happens.

on saturday i'll be in new york city...its reunion time! meeting up with several soldiers i was deployed with. honestly, can not wait! however, a few are getting ready to deploy again and won't be able to make it. some have already done another tour, some said fuck it, started smoking weed and stopped drilling, some are still drilling, and some went active duty. my roommate is suppose to be this girl to death. should be awesome!


Blogger Long-time RN said...

Sounds like a good time! Yeah, we 50 something gals know how to rock! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

4/13/2008 04:44:00 PM  

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