Monday, March 17, 2008

red team.

so i went to the VA for an appointment. i was told the appointment would last 1.5 to 2 hours...mine lasted 30 minutes. i went to whatever floor it was to meet the "red team" and sat down with a male nurse. before we started he said some of the questions would get personal and asked if i would like to have a female in the room as well. i told him no. i wasn't quite sure what he was going to ask me but i figured i could handle it. so he started. "have you been diagnosed with TBI? have you hit your head? (i giggled at this question…thinking about the time i knocked myself out with my M16, after jumping over a Mountain Dew can because all i could think was “IED”, from all those damn classes we took before getting into country), have you been shot above the shoulders? has anything exploded by you? do you feel on guard? are you depressed?" i told him no...and he continued. i was kind of confused...i thought i went to the VA to be diagnosed with something if need be...i felt as though i should've already know if i had something and then they would just take care of it. Where are the questions like…“so, are you bitter/jaded? Did something happen within your family while you were deployed and you would like some counseling?“ I don’t get it. so he continued with the personal questions...they went like this…“have you ever been raped? something about 10 sexual partners? have you ever been forcefully hit on? (with this question i said..."i'm a female in the military, of course." he said, "so i take that as a yes?" "yes". and a bunch of other questions i can't remember. then he took my blood pressure and pulse...everything was normal. then the doctor came in...she was Indian...she had to be fresh out of med school...and she had contacts in that changed her eye color, they looked horrible. she asked me a few questions, checked my breathing and my reflexes, and pushed on my stomach. i told her i came to the VA because my tooth was killing she decided to be a dentist that day also and flashed a light at the tooth that was pain...she said, "well i dont see anything...sometimes you can see a hole or something." what the fuck...i dont have a hole! send me downstairs to the fucking dentist. nothing is that easy. so with that, she told me to "eat healthy and stay active." great advice...thanks. she also said i was the easiest vet shes seen in a long time and then she told me i had to go to the lab downstairs and get some blood drawn. i hate having my blood veins are hard to find, they roll around...its never an easy process. so i walked down to the lab... The nurse thought i worked there...i told him no. he told me to sit in the chair and put up my arm...he learned quickly my veins aren't willing to cooperate and stuck me in both arms and asked me if i was fasting. his co-worker was drawing blood from another vet in his late 60s, maybe 70s...his blood was flowing. i was finally done and waited for the elevator. i was waiting with the older gentleman who was getting his blood drawn also...he wore one of those "i'm a vet" hats and had a cane. when the elevator finally got to us, he almost ran me over trying to get on...i guess i was in his way or walking too he stopped and held up his cane and directed me towards the elevator. he wasn't trying to waste any time. my appointment was finally over and i was told "dental would call me with an appointment"...i was asked bizarre questions, a light was shined in my mouth, i had blood drawn and never got to see the dentist.
did i miss something?


Blogger Army Sergeant said...

If what you got was "The VA is a bit steaming pile of..something.." then no, you didn't miss anything.

3/28/2008 01:48:00 PM  

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