Thursday, June 24, 2010


I apologize for the lack of posts. I am currently without the Internet but it should be up and running soon! Hope you all are enjoying the summer!

Here are a few recent articles that have caught my eye.

If you haven’t read the Rolling Stone profile on Stan McChrystal, “The Runaway General” you should. Maybe you could also leave a comment. The piece only has 29, which is up from yesterday's lousy 12 comments.

The Runaway General

And here is a piece on how Rolling Stone fucked up their story of the year. Hence the reason why The Runaway General only has 29 comments. Bravo!


VoteVets/VetVoice on the dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal.

Big Media Us

Finally! A great piece from The New York Times.

Is a Culture War Between American Soldiers and Civilians Inevitable? by Robert Mackey

Now everyone sip on a nice Bud Light Lime!


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