Monday, July 07, 2008

a few news stories.

PFC Joseph Dwyer passed away June 28th. Don't recognize the name? You'll probably recognize the photo. He became one of the poster children for the, "U.S. effort to rebuild a troubled Iraq". Since returning home he battled PTSD and this eventually lead to his death. Read the article...seriously heart breaking.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is kicking us out! This is the first time Maliki has proposed such an idea. Interesting. Where to next? Iran? more troops to Afghanistan?!? Only time will tell. Read it!

So what does Hollywood really want to create? With the help of the media and Hollywood, movies portrayed Nam vets as craaaaazy (what do all Iraq vets have? hello...PTSD! right?) anyways, the Army is stepping in! No more shitty movies? "Army Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale desk is piled high with scripts, each marked with his name and stamped "confidential." It's his job to help decide which movies should get Army help." read read read!

Words used to describe McCain and Obama. I found this interesting...
McCain: Moral/good and dishonest, 4 percent
Obama: Dishonest, 9 percent
Check out the poll.


Blogger LT Nixon said...

Thanks, Kate! I'll have to write about the Lt. Col. in Hollywood.

7/07/2008 05:14:00 PM  
Blogger olgreydog7 said...

RIP PFC Dwyer. The way he died should not tak away from the way he lived. Maybe Congress should be investingating this instead of steroids in baseball....

7/08/2008 10:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dwyer's story is sad. It sucks big time. Multiply him by tens of thousands in the future. Another reason why I think the Mideast war is a waste!

7/20/2008 03:45:00 PM  

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