Wednesday, May 28, 2008


the documentary is starting up! i'll be in DC for a few days...a lady who is going to be in the doc. is adopting me for two nights...shes so sweet and i'm looking forward to spending time with her. the producer will be flying in on Sunday night and the next morning its time to get down to business. first interview is with Brig Gen Vaught...never heard of her? she is the President of the Women's Memorial Foundation and runs the Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery...AND "One of the most decorated military women in US history." so awesome! i know i'll be in tears at the cemetery. check the site. After that we are interviewing the lady i'll be staying with...LeEllen (retired AF, 23 years) and then heading to Northern VA to interview Kayla Williams...she wrote 'Love My Rifle More Than You". After that driving back to DC, staying the night and then heading up to Albany. the next several days will be filled with interviews and going to Ft.Drum. the producer is also coming to drill with me. my first drill back...should be interesting. after that, the producer leaves and will be interviewing Kirsten Holmstedt, who wrote 'Band of Sisters" and another female who was in the book. this is all coming together! get excited!

now im going to take a break and go check out a couple bands play.


Blogger Kat said...

Hey! Good on you! I really enjoyed Holmsted's "Band of Sisters". It didn't get too preachy on the subject and presented women in the military as they are in their various roles. Straight forward "this is what they do".

I hope this comes out just as well for you.
Castle Arrggh!

5/29/2008 01:36:00 AM  

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