Tuesday, May 13, 2008

back into the...

reserves. yeah i did it...went back into my old unit. i have 18 months left to drill and upon returning to the reserves i have a 24 month stabilization. therefore, they can't deploy me for the remainder of my time. (the only reason i went back in was because of this incentive). i started getting calls from the National Guard, Sergeants from parts of NY i haven't even heard of, letters in the mail...i figured i won't try my luck and before they can take advantage of me, i'll try to be a couple steps ahead of the game. so now the only huge hurdle left is my unit is set to deploy around the time i'm suppose to be getting out...my UA told me they could stop-loss me if need be. if its not one thing, its always something else.

before i even made if home from my unit, i got a couple phone calls…my “battle buddy” called, she’s excited that i’m coming back…she was a little lost without me. she filled me in on some unit gossip. “girl, you don’t even know…so and so, just got married to this girl, who just got out of basic and she’s two months pregnant. he doesn’t know if its his. he asked me what i thought, and i said if you gotta ask me what i think, then you know that kid aint yours.” Classic. another family friend called me (who recently went into the Reserves and drills in my building), “you sucker! you came back in? you got scared, huh? just wanted to give you some shit.” Man how i’ve missed these characters.

so i'll write about my drill weekends, going back to college, life in general...i'm suppose to go to Annual Training in July but because of school, i'm pretty sure i wont be attending. so i'll be stuck at my unit for two weeks doing nothing but paperwork.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Economic draft.

5/14/2008 02:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I may well be following you. The economic situation is seriously forcing me (a middle call professional) to look an going back into the reserves.

5/22/2008 11:30:00 PM  

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