Monday, May 18, 2009

Life updates...

I've been horrible about updating my blog. My semester ended on the 14th, get my grades back tomorrow, and my two summer classes start in a week. I'm taking the History of Photography and a math course. They are Monday-Friday, 8:30-2:50...but they'll be done in four weeks! I'm still working on my memoir piece...the editing process is interesting. It's as though the first 20 drafts didn't matter and now it's time to really say what I want to say. I'm working with a professor who has a few books out and really pushing me. Hopefully one day my piece will be published somewhere.

Germany! Thanks for the emails and facebook messages. Your English doesn't suck! I'll be taking German in the fall...can you guys help me out?

Rold and Mr.England, you guys made it over!! I hope you guys are well! Rold, how's the baby? Harm? Mr.England, coming to the states?

I'm at my Army unit until Thursday to make up some time. I've been working on soldiers promotion packets...real exciting.

Trying to meet some Iraqis who are taking English classes at the school my mom works at. Hopefully tomorrow I get the chance to meet them!

Hope all of you are well!


Blogger Lars said...

hi kate!

i just wanted to say thank you!
as a former german army soldier and active reserve your blog is like a view behind the mirror. especially in germany where the press is some kind of one sided. i was adverted to your blog by a documentation about blogging soldiers in iraq in german news-channel n24. and now i have a bloody hard time reading all the older posts since 2006. but it's worth the time!

you said you're taking german in fall. even though my english sucks (i can speak far better thank i write it ;o)) i could help you then! just write me or leave a comment in my blog.

that's it, thank you again and have a good start in the new week

- lars

5/19/2009 05:25:00 AM  

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